Hi, I'm Allison Kench!

But you can call me Allie. I am a second year undergraduate student in Computer Science at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. On campus, I am an active member of Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (GEECS), can be seen giving tours as an Engineering Tour Leader, am a peer mentor in the Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program (WISE RP), am a Co-Chair of Advocates for Diversity in Engineering (ADE) and am an undergraduate researcher in the Crowds + Machines (CROMA) Lab where I'm advised by Prof. Walter Lasecki. This past summer I was an Explore Intern at Microsoft in Seattle, Washington.

I am driven to impact my community and create technological solutions that are inclusive and accessible. I have done this through autonomous vehicle research, implementing inclusive practices within the College of Engineering, creating a new intern event series at Microsoft to bring interns and leaders in accessibility together, and by designing and building a new Microsoft product as an Explore Intern. My ultimate goal is to better people's’ lives through applications of innovative software and technology systems.

My resume. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or to reach out if you are interested in learning more about me at akench@umich.edu.


Explore Intern

Microsoft Corporation

I worked in a team of 3 to create the desktop UI/UX of a new Bing product, while gaining experience as both a software engineering and a program manager. I learned TypeScript, React, Redux while working as a software engineer. As a program manager, I composed a one-pager, detailed work items, specs for features, and presentations for management. I created "Intern Conversations on Accessibility", a new intern event series, to connect interns to leaders in accessibility at Microsoft.

May 2019 - August 2019

Microsoft Hackathon

Xbox Adaptive Controller Team

I met with gamers with disabilities to learn about their story and the challenges they face when gaming. Over the course of 3 days, I designed, built, and tested custom gaming rigs to fit each gamer’s individual needs. I optimized performance based on continual feedback from the customers and my teammates.

July 2019

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Crowds and Machines Lab at the University of Michigan

I am working in AV3D, a team of 4 working to utilize crowdsourcing to annotate 2D videos with dimension lines to estimate 3D objects through aggregate particle filtering. This new method can be used to train autonomous vehicles with 3D state data without the need for high-cost 3D cameras and expand the training data space of edge cases not yet captured by 3D cameras. I am using JavaScript to build an online tool used by crowd workers.

January 2019 - Present

ByteLabs Consulting Team Member

MPowered Entrepreneurship

I created an API and database for Silicon Valley start-up using Amazon Web Services as well as researched competitors' APIs and presented insightful data from findings.

September 2018 - December 2018


Peer Mentor and Social Media Director

Women in Science and Engineering Residence Program

I am serving as a mentor and resource for 110 first-year women. I help them learn and grow as students, professionals, and people as they navigate college. As Social Media Director I am responsible for directing the vision and execution of all WISE RP social media platforms.

August 2019 - Present

Founder and Co-Chair

Advocates for Diversity in Engineering

I founded this council within the Office of Student Affairs to advocate for diversity and inclusion throughout the College of Engineering. We collaborate with identity-based organizations to ensure all voices are heard and actions are taken to create the best campus culture possible. I am responsible for ideating, managing, and securing funding for projects that promote our mission.

January 2019 - Present

Tour Leader

University of Michigan College of Engineering

I am responsible for hosting groups that include prospective students and their parents, visiting dignitaries, alumni, community organizations, and middle or elementary school students. I am energized every week by the chance to meet and get to know new people from all around the world.

January 2019 - Present

Professional Committee Head

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

I plan events to support the professional development of GEECS members by communicating with corporate sponsors and University faculty to foster meaningful partnerships. I manage groups of 3-5 members to see an event through from ideation to success.

September 2018 - Present

Education and Skills

Bachelor of Science, Engineering, Computer Science Major

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 2018 - April 2022

Programming Languages

C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Swift, Matlab, LaTex

Additional Skills

Public speaking, teaching technology, technical communication

Academic Projects

ENGR 100: An Intro to Autonomous Electronic Systems

While working as a team of 4, we programmed a drone to autonomously navigate an obstacle course. Using C++ programming and the Arduino platform, we were succesful in navigating the course in under a minute with minimal hits to the surrounding walls. We also composed and presented multiple technical reports and slide decks throghout the class to inform our professors of our progress.


Interests and Other Activities


I founded It's All Code, an after-school program to teach Elementary School girls computer science in 2017. The curriculum focused on applications of computer science to draw students to further study and I taught at a Title 1 school where almost all students were ESOLs to aim to give equal access to education.


I run an Instagram Blog called @umich_steminist where I share my journey as a woman in STEM and connect with other women and girls in the STEM field!

I also enjoy traveling, stand-up/improv comedy, broadway musicals, watching any of Saoirse Ronan's movies, and trying international cuisines.